Same people, different stories

The regular ballad

On a dusky evening, peeking through the window. He thought about leaving his life, in dream of living ‘the life‘. Destiny lies in his hands, but he must dare. The door to freedom is locked, But he is the key.

Slowly he moves towards it.

Opened the door, stared at unknown,

struck by a lily, the wind had blown.

took my first step,

felt alright,

the future does look bright.

what once was clear,

is now vague, stand confused.

so many rocks, so hard to move

battered and bruised,

what is there to prove.

Venture in the wild, but will i sustain,

why explore the world, what will I gain.

haven’t come too far, home is still in the sight,

ahead is dark, behind lies the light.

nothing to shame,

always a long shot,

must run,

supper may still be hot.

Ps: To all, who dare to dream but don’t dare to do.

Be bold, be different, be unRegular.

The regular life

What makes us regular people?

Dream Small

like all of us, I dream and like many I dare to dream big. Sometimes, I succeed but most of the times I fail. They say it happens to all of us. They say that I put too much pressure on myself, that I should be realistic. Then I started to be more realistic, i.e aiming lower. Does that make me ordinary? Does our fear of failure makes us regular people?

Unable or Unwilling

I always thought that I see the world different from others, that i will bring the change. Then realised, my eyes are no different from the rest of us. We all hate much of it, wants to change so many things about it, but in the end succumb to the mundaneness of life ‘the needs and the wants’. Does that make me ordinary? Does our inability/ unwillingness to change make us regular people?

Broken Heart

I always thought that I am too awesome for the silliness that is love. That I won’t do such stupid things. Then I met a girl, we talked, we laughed, she left, it took me a while to get back to my usual self. They say its nothing new, it happens. Does that make me ordinary?  Not finding love in first attempt makes us regular people?

Regular Latte

Yesterday I went to a coffee shop, and ordered the smallest latte. The nice lady handed me my coffee, she said “One regular latte” then smiled but I couldn’t. I looked around, most of them were having regular latte. What the heck! even my choice of coffee is so generic. Does that make me ordinary? Does regular people want only the smallest cup? and is that why they call it ‘The Regular’ ?

When did i become so regular..

All my life I aspired to be somebody, only to now realise that I’m just somebody :p

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